Showroom in Breganzona

Modern and Antique furniture exposition
Our furniture store is able to meet our customers’ wide range of needs, both in terms of style and design/functionality.
Indeed, the store complements our architectural studio, offering comprehensive professional advice and helping the customer to find the best living space and design solutions. The studio has all kinds of samples, which customers can view and choose firsthand. Specific requests have often led us to seek out innovations, thereby helping to enhance our professional experience.
We are eclectic. We can offer classic and luxurious furnishings, or surprise you with something modern, minimalistic or ethnic. The love for our work lets us broaden our range and stay constantly up-to-date on the latest industry innovations with custom-made creations.
These aspects come together into a single space, conveying the heart and soul of those who live there. Just let our professionalism and your emotions guide you.
Our strong point is our wide range of international brands to meet all your furniture goals. Yet we also believe that an unbranded furniture project is no less prestigious. So for those looking for a comfortable and functional design studio, with no particular brands, you’re in safe hands with us.
For lovers of yesteryear, it is finally possible to find a space entirely dedicated to antiques.